Heaven they say is the place to be
Up in the skies all I can see
are abstract clouds of glorious seas
Heaven they say is a promised dream
An unseen paradise to me it seems
Which we see only in our dreams
Heaven they say is home
Every inch of it I wish to roam
Heaven they say is the promised land
For the righteous if you understand
Heaven they say is forever
It is forever and after and not never
But I say!
Heaven is the ultimate reward
From the Almighty Lord

Charles S Mortson

Charles S Mortson's picture

Charles Chuze Kayeyi, young, vibrant, high-school student and a lover of art, inspired to publish poems by Mortson, a Researcher and Mentor, to an extent of combining efforts and skill to build a name, Charles S Mortson, a Zambian and proud African with a worldwide vision.

Last updated June 21, 2015