The Musicians

A young Idealist a lover of
The arts one who has always
Known the deep ways of another's
Reality, hears lyric music rising
In a sublimely growing garden.
The young Roman poets
Imitating Ovid, Dante, Vergil --
erudite chit chat as the evening
Passes... de Caravaggio
Painting his masterpiece: musica,
For a long admired Cardinal del Monte.
While the couples dance in
The cool midnight hearing
The rolling music: his longing
Catharsis in the night. The young
Artist now wrapped in
The externals of a thisness:
Wailing his sharp edges
And angles against the tender
Human flesh of
Youth and Pleasure.
A young boy sits
Pauses tastes luscious
Sweet white grapes plucked
From a vine in the garden
...Sees the young musicians
So serene in the
Reading of their notes,
Listening so intently to every
Resonant sound, or
Lovely lyric heard
In the evening --
The birds are singing in an
Air of pious melody
To the brash young men
And the lovely tanned
Southern girls...
To the golden early
Morning glory proclaiming

The Dancers and Other Poems

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Charles Morgan was born in Washington, DC. He has published a collection of poems 'The Dancers and Other Poems' and a novel 'Good Friends' -- He has been working on a memoir and creating various approaches to visual art...

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