Where will you be when the world caves in?

where will you be when the world caves in?
Tell me what we'll see when faith breaks men.
The world is scattered, all life in panic.
When strength is shattered, and heros vanish.
Down on our knees now hoping for mercy.
The world our sanctum is horribly turning.
Something that finally has made man cower down.
Why is it we see ourselfs has power bound?
If the world turned on us,
as we turned on it.
We could not take as much,
never would we be missed.
And nothing ever stays the same,
changing will never come through as veign.
We live our lives by common sense,
until we die we're present tense.
We return love from where its sent.
We see the world at our dispense.

kevin wayne jones

i am a 17 year old trying to find my way into the literature world.

Last updated March 11, 2013