“A Creative Bright-Dual” (Limerick 1)

A second still better upon base
Did still chase wholesome dreams to do vase.
Mind in tune with the son,
Tiger, too, loves the fun!
Both carved Him out of this rocky place.

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Jesus Chameleon is the nom de plume of an avant-garde poet, a new poet, and an American poet whose work has been scrutinized by the Poetry Society of America (PSA) and the Academy of American Poets. This Catholic author's first book of unpublished poetry entitled, Friending (A Collection of Poems) was selected by Paul Aflague Blas and accepted for consideration, but did not win one of the 2011 PSA National Chapbook Fellowships, a prestigious annual PSA poetry competition. The same chapbook was reviewed for the Walt Whitman Award. Related links for Jesus Chameleon include: FB (Jesus Chameleon), www.facebook.com/Jesus.Chameleon; Myspace, https://myspace.com/jesuschameleon; Twitters, https://twitter.com/JesusChameleon; and, a Website, jesuschameleon.webs.com.

Last updated September 23, 2013