Young as I am

Young as I am, lost in my bewilderment,
Neither in cognisance of where I am
Nor adept to chance my arms towards any direction;
Engrossed in Bedlam,
I jumble in the stand-off.

Young as I am, fickle to the world's enchantment,
Rather trailing baits of alluring nothing,
Or dwelling as a being heedless to right decision;
Entrapped in Abyss,
I freeze into a standstill.

But Young as I am, yearning for true enrichment,
Louder is my quest for solace,
More eager to transit towards tranquillity in my vision;
Enthused for Armageddon,
I stand my ground firm, come what may.

And Young as I am, when rooted in God's atonement,
Further endowed in His love,
For to find my comfort in His Holy abode is my mission;
Entrenched in God's Holy asylum,
I stand as a strong tower transcending Heavenwards.

Chenonlo Aaron Woch's picture

A student of M.A. Political Science in Delhi University with a passion for writing poetry.

Last updated November 15, 2011