I Dreamed of America

by Chris G. Vaillancourt

It was a nightmare.
Guns and guns, and everywhere guns.

Voices shouting in fortress cities.
Civilians hiding behind their iron bars.

I dreamed of America.

I saw the cancer it had become.

Spreading its influence
like a co.ckroach
burrowing in the walls.

Flinging its immoralities
like snakes
fleeing the knife.

I dreamed of America.

Of their armies invading one
innocent country after another.

Of their deceptions designed
to enhance their

I dreamed of America.

I felt their terrorist actions
in my mind.

And in dreaming of the evil empire,
I found I was glad I
was not an American.

Somewhere behind the mist
of their stars and stripes,
their founding fathers
were weeping.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt was born on, April 5, 1959, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. From an early age, writing poetry was his primary means of explaining the world to himself. His first poem was published when he was still a teenager, and as he aged, his portfolio has grown. In the 1980's his first chapbooks were published, paving the way for an extensive list of published works. He has had 4 books published, with more surely to follow. Chris G. Vaillancourt may be considered one of the best contemporary poets of this age.

Last updated September 04, 2015