Wide Roads and Narrow Side-walks

by Chris G. Vaillancourt

Wide roads and narrow side-walks,
Lost sheep and hungry shepherd.

Disjointed, slurring speech patterns
that drive a slice of steel
into bone.
Yes, the rainbow is shaded incorrectly.
Yes, it was always meant to be that way.
Jangled nerves and claustrophobic bites.
Dense tables and light brigades.

Page down and forget
to lighten the bravado.
The marching begins.
The marching begins.

"Sing a song of singing.
Sing a song of surprise."
The vocals yelp to be
by the strident
on the roof.

We are not going to let empty typing
define the movies we are
aspiring to.
We are not going to drown ourselves
in freezing liquids
manifested by
the urgency
of anybody's' needs.

Wide roads and narrow side-walks,
Lost sheep and hungry shepherd.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt was born on, April 5, 1959, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. From an early age, writing poetry was his primary means of explaining the world to himself. His first poem was published when he was still a teenager, and as he aged, his portfolio has grown. In the 1980's his first chapbooks were published, paving the way for an extensive list of published works. He has had 4 books published, with more surely to follow. Chris G. Vaillancourt may be considered one of the best contemporary poets of this age.

Last updated September 04, 2015