Half my Life

I was only 15 when we first met, love at first sight no I didn't really know what that meant
As time went by I did start to care,but when I looked back and see when I needed u the most you where never there
When you kept me hidden like I didnt meant nothing to you,I should have seen it then your love wasn't so true
As we lost the most important person in our life, that's when you decided you wanted me to be your wife
We been through thick and thin, hell and back, yet that wasn't enough for them they wanted you to pack

We had the perfect one and she truly saved my life, God knew what he did, he gave me insight, insight to the purity of unconditional love and care, she was all I needed to keep me there
As she grew she brought us close, but eventually that didn't last because you decided they meant the most
Time and time again has gone by and God decided to give me 2 presents to keep me motivated, I didnt know then the betrail you then paraded,
As I grew to open my eyes, I prayed and prayed to see all the lies
I tried harder and harder to see what did I do since I'm always trying to fix things, then I realized it wasn't me it was you and the negativity that u bring
I asked for guidance and awareness from the man up above, and one day I finally seen what I needed to love,
Love myself and my gifts that he has given to me, and all I want now more than ever is just to be free,
Free from all these broken promises and lost dreams, time to make my own come true in due time with patience, I know I will have what I deserve with out all these fences,
each and everyday I brake one down by being positive and staying focused, focused now on me and my own voices,
no one to try to manipulate my mind, I'm not 15 anymore you seem to forget all the time, I had enough already you had half my life and that was to long for me, all I want now is peace and tranquility.

Claudia Ihweih

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I'm a nurse who just went through a divorce and poetry is my outlet. I have three daughters who I cherish more than words can express. I want people to be inspired by my poems and learn and grow from them as well.

Last updated August 07, 2013