A Moment's Loss

I grieve for the distraction
That made me bat my lids:
What feature did I miss
When the heavy sun
Glared into my face?
A pouting, a stare
Or some gesticulation?
Ay, I missed
The magnificence
Of the moment
Of your beauty,
For now, the relish is past
And all I can see is a disfiguration
Like a reflection
In a muddled pool.

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I became passionate about poetry when introduced to it through Literature-in-English as a subject while at secondary school; I began writing in the same year and have perhaps maybe a hundred different poems. I have a poetry book which I published on-line in 2014, it is titled Primal Motive, here is the link to the work http://www.lulu.com/shop/claudius-ogunsona/primal-motive/ebook/product-21945484.html I have other projects I am working on

Last updated April 05, 2015