From disquiet fancy leans
To the luminary herald
Of satisfaction
“Beyond blackest night
Shines the eclectic light
From which radiant life
Is lived if it is to be right”
Sleeping zest lies
As conscious power is standing truth
The beginning is after the end
When vision rises
From the closed view
To see the newness
Of inspired life
And tell the difference
Between past and now
Through the genius of
A new eye
That tells an end from a beginning

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I became passionate about poetry when introduced to it through Literature-in-English as a subject while at secondary school; I began writing in the same year and have perhaps maybe a hundred different poems. I have a poetry book which I published on-line in 2014, it is titled Primal Motive, here is the link to the work I have other projects I am working on

Last updated April 05, 2015