On That Fateful Day

On that fateful day
Two swords shall clash
For truce or for strife:
The one for pronoia,
The other for paranoia;
The divine against the fiendish….
How then will it settle?
One shall either prevail
Against the other
And each wielder shall
Face his destiny apart
From his Arms;
Should Truth win,
Then Deceit shall
Be proven to be unreal.
If Truth fails,
Then the unreal shall
Swallow up its’ victim
And leave Truth
Unattainable by him….
The destinies of the two
Wielders lie open
Before the Dice,
Each Trump seeking
Predominance over Mind:
The Fatality lies
With the Prudence
Of the more forthright.
Let Justice prevail!

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I became passionate about poetry when introduced to it through Literature-in-English as a subject while at secondary school; I began writing in the same year and have perhaps maybe a hundred different poems. I have a poetry book which I published on-line in 2014, it is titled Primal Motive, here is the link to the work http://www.lulu.com/shop/claudius-ogunsona/primal-motive/ebook/product-21945484.html I have other projects I am working on

Last updated April 05, 2015