A Poem for Insane Pain

by Coni T Poni

Despair is a room with no windows and doors.
It is a random frequency of stable white noise.
Despair is black: Jet black and Starless and Moonless.
It is often found intrinsic in a freshly broken heart.
Despair is a dry eye and a tear soaked soul.
It is thee unwritten eulogy of a bashful Poets lust.
Despair is a loveless Mother.
It is the father who cannot see the light.
Despair is infinite.
It is everlasting and wretched.
Despair is carnivorous.
It is a prey on the feeble anima.
Despair is a War.
Its focus: Your Sanity.
My sanity; Its opulence.
I proclaim my war on Despair.

Coni T Poni

Coni T Poni's picture

Coni T Poni is the Poetic Pseudonym of Irish Poet Teresa McKevitt who resides in Dublin, Ireland, close to the calm of the sea. The pseudonym, Coni, is derived from an anagram of Nico; muse and collaborator of the Velvet Underground, who, among others, has been, through her life, times and lyrics, a great inspiration to the writings of Coni T Poni. Poni is sanskrit, meaning second daughter of and youth. Coni has performed her Poems many times, from festivals to more intimate settings and she has collaborated with musicians, amalgamating her Poetic lyrics with the magic of sound.

Last updated February 25, 2013