View from a Lens

by Coni T Poni

I am a picture.

I am as
you choose to see.

In your choosing;
I am woman
to your lust.

And yet,

a youth
has not yet left
my body

and an old
but puerile need

has not
yet left my thinking.

In this youth,

I am a girl
twirling in
an un harvest field

or dipping my toes
into a Black Sea.

Like a child,
I am
feeling free inside
my innocence.

I am a picture.
I am the
noir still
that posters upon
your bedroom wall.

And yet,

my thighs
are ill at ease
and my hands
rebuff all longing.

In lieu of my
woman ardour;

I yearn

to deafened ears
for a wise wink of man,
with a
long drawn out embrace.

I am a picture.
I am
the object of
desire you seek
and keep
separate to your craft.

And yet,

I make
as a painter paints.

I kiss
of song
that remains un-written.

I spend
tears with
every breath
and touch

and my soul
absorbs the sensual male.

I am a picture
for those
who dare to see.

I am
the carnal woman
touched only
by he who seeks
and sees
beyond the frame.

Coni T Poni

Coni T Poni's picture

Coni T Poni is the Poetic Pseudonym of Irish Poet Teresa McKevitt who resides in Dublin, Ireland, close to the calm of the sea. The pseudonym, Coni, is derived from an anagram of Nico; muse and collaborator of the Velvet Underground, who, among others, has been, through her life, times and lyrics, a great inspiration to the writings of Coni T Poni. Poni is sanskrit, meaning second daughter of and youth. Coni has performed her Poems many times, from festivals to more intimate settings and she has collaborated with musicians, amalgamating her Poetic lyrics with the magic of sound.

Last updated March 07, 2013