Amber described her.
High yellow like the sun itself
With a inside orange like a
Fresh lit fire.
Eyes so intriguing, heart so fatiguing
From critiquing men,
That weakened her. Men that
Weekend her when she deserved
All the days on the calendar.

So beautiful she once was
With a smile that could brighten up
The stormiest day
And a mind which was once used,
Now abused and confused.
Her heart of gold was sold
To the lowest bid, and the old pains is hard to rid.
That cut on her left chest
Is still open after so long, it just wants to heal.
Constant pain that trembles up her spine
From constantly bending over backwards
To satisfy people.
Now that fresh lit fire inside her
Continues burning.
That door that stands inside her heart
Is no longer turning.
Those eyes that was intriguing
Is now reeking of bad vibes,
That smile she once had decided to hide.
She raised her pride, it lowered her cries
Now she only cries inside.
But, that is Amber.
Amber is who I’ve described.

Corenne v seale

My name is Corenne V Seale born feb 14th 1991. Ive been writing poetry since the young age of 8 and have even been offered a chance to virgina state poetry contest to read my poems to a full audience, countless times during my younger days. I am known throughout the internet for my poetic pieces and am influenced by the late mya angelou, edgar allen poe and no other than langston hughes.

Last updated April 21, 2015