On The Window

On the window, I see
A charming but lonely lady.
Is she missing her man?
Or she just don't have fun.

On the window, I hear
A heart that has a fear.
Is it because of a dear?
Or she's just a being without cheer?

On the window, I sense
A life that was never hers.
Is it because love is a curse?
Or her life is just the worse?

In that window, I witnessed
A lady that is lifeless.
And then she asked me,
"Why can't you just be happy?"


JB Nuique's picture

Hello, there! My real name is Judel. You can call me Jae as well. I am from the Philippines. So basically, I am a Filipino. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. Since then, time taught me that a pen and a paper could also be a best friend. So if you cannot say what you feel, I beg you to write it. Let your heart out and become a muse to someone else's work of art. You don't need to impress. You just need to express. ^_^

Last updated June 08, 2016