On The Window

On the window, I see
A charming but lonely lady.
Is she missing her man?
Or she just don't have fun.

On the window, I hear
A heart that has a fear.
Is it because of a dear?
Or she's just a being without cheer?

On the window, I sense
A life that was never hers.
Is it because love is a curse?
Or her life is just the worse?

In that window, I witnessed
A lady that is lifeless.
And then she asked me,
"Why can't you just be happy?"


JB Nuique's picture

Hello, there! I am actually thegalwithmanynames. But you can call me Jae. I am from the Philippines. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. I am still trying to write just to express what I feel every time I experience things. And having grammatical errors is one of my weaknesses from the millions that I have. Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

Last updated June 08, 2016