To me, nights were never older
And like the deep blue sea, it's colder.
I've been watching her since forever,
Making wine bottle as my brother.

I cannot hate myself for losing her
When I can see her in the arms of another.
I was numb back then and after.
But I'm not sorry for myself either.

Yet, I'm acquainted with some beer
And it's bottles that happily shatter.
I cry for help. And I cry for her.
But she's gone and can hear, never.

I blame myself, no. Not ever.
But, oh! I am such a bummer.
I wish my heart to become lighter.
It's all mine that we're not together.


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Hello, there! I am actually thegalwithmanynames. But you can call me Jae. I am from the Philippines. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. I am still trying to write just to express what I feel every time I experience things. And having grammatical errors is one of my weaknesses from the millions that I have. Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

Last updated December 10, 2015