Absurd Desires

Blown away emotions,
Likes ashes in trays.
Number of stompies increase,
As the pain he endure.
As a plane makes thunder in Sky,
She had come with the same fly.

No one is perfect, she knows.
Why she did so? Who know...

She was his paradise,
Now "Lost".
He, now bewildering to hide.

He was a refugee,
Wanted a refuge.
He knew, she would "refuse".

What he could do?
She had eyes anyone could drown in.
He was "Homo" too.

He desired to touch her.
He desired to hear her.
He desired to implore her.
He desired to "love" her.
Desires are absurd,
Now he knows through her.

It was not her fault
Both knows.
Ignorance might be the way...
But he could not.

It was not his fault
Nobody knows.
"Separation" might be the way
At "last".

I am not a writer or poet. I just write to satisfy myself. I do not even know enough about class of poetry. But what I understand is "Everything which comes from your heart can be consider as poetry".

Last updated June 03, 2016