Timp - Time

by Cornelia Paun Heinzel

Every moment has its own meaning, significance,
For me, for you, for him.
In every moment there is an action important
For me, for you, for him.
Time is always crucial,
For me, for you, for him.
Any moment can forewer change your life, mine, his,
Today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, forever.
For a brief moment, you can be a ,
Over me, over you, over him,
In a moment, you can lose,
Everything, a little or nothing …

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Păun Cornelia debuted as a writer in the review "Asymetria" France and as poet in "AGERO Stuttgart" Germany, as collaborator of the magazine and Press Agencies' ACES OF ROMANIA "NURNBERG. She is a member of "Press Club TRANSATLANTIC" consecrated writer and collaborator to reviews of USA - “Clipa”, Canada - “The Alternative”, “Atheneum”, Ireland - “Onyx”, New Zealand - “Rumanian Pages in New Zealand”, Malaysia - “Lettres de Malaisie”, France – “Le Capital de Mots”, “L’Autobus”, “Poèmes d’Amour”, “Asymetria”, Germany – “Agero-Suttgart”, “Aces of Romanien” Nűrnberg, POESIAEXTRANJERAESPANOL Spain, review “Taj Mahal“ India and ROMANIA “Armonii Culturale”, “Melidonium”, “Singur”. She is present in the “Anthology poets of the world”, în “L’ANTHOLOGIE DES POèTES FRANCOPHONES FRANCE”, in Anthology UNIVERSAL ROMANIAN CONTEMPORARY POETRY - Anthology of Contemporary Short Story Romanians everywhere .She has published poems in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish etc. Shee have translated poem a french poets ., Păun Cornelia is professor engineer with the scientific title of Doctor of Industrial Robots 1998, the Bucharest Polytechnic University, Master in Educational Management and Evaluation, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bucharest, in 2002, Master in Teaching Subjects Philological Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, licensed of Philology, Romanian Language and Literature - French Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, University of Brasov, Diplomat mechanical engineer, specializing in Technology of Machine Construction, Faculty of TCM, Brasov University, with ten, receiving double distribution in higher education and research, a field in which he worked until today and electrical engineer, specializing in Transport, Polytechnic University of Bucharest. In 1990 entered one of the first in the Faculty of Informatics Department of Mathematics, University of Bucharest, Brasov then transferring while she has has received management research institute. In the period 1991-1995 led Research Institute. In 2007-2013 he was trained experts of the Ministry of Education in Educational Management. He completed three graduate courses and in 2012-2013 received a grant to Germany in the area of specialization - Internet ALS Projekt UND FÜR QUELLE Materialien. He has published six books and over 200 articles - published in the country and abroad.

Last updated January 24, 2014