My Life as a Dog

by D. A. Powell

D. A. Powell

If I was a dog, the only three things l'd chase:
a firetruck, a ball, and my own tail.
If I was a dog, you wouldn't be petting me
I might have rolled in something.

As a dog, I'd roll over tor cheese. Not very good cheese.

I'd bark all night until you let me out.
You'd have to let me out.
Don't worry, I wouldn't chase anyone's cat.
I'm sure I'd think about it. But I just wouldn't

Someone would have to hold me when I got my shots.
Would you hold me when I got my shots?

I'd sneak into the garden and eat the pears off the trees.
How would I do that? I'd be a dog. A crafty dog

If I was a dog, I'd have run away by now.
I'd be a runaway. You'd think bad dog

And when it was time to put me down, you'd be
a little blue. Then put me down.

Last updated February 19, 2023