Lament For Hymns We Cease, To Die. Parts 1 & 2

- Part 1 -

Between a teardrop and the heart,
We sense our feelings weakened, mourn,
For sadness, as the tones impart,
A sound perceived, and now forlorn.

Opposing songs composed to ache,
Before their scripted, voices break,
Imagined dreams, enthralled to wake,
The haven, of the thoughts we make.

And moods and nerves elate in joy,
At hearing cherished tunes on high,
Amongst emotions yearned to lift,
The echo's of laments adrift.

- Part 2 -

And choirs excite with voices gift,
The words aroused, recited, wished,
Harmonic chants caressed and kiss,
Our serenaded dreams of bliss.

In music's flow, ascents are given,
Mortal words transcent to heaven,
Melodies enchant to draft,
Inflections of a dulcet craft.

Compassion soars, exhalted high,
As resonance inspires a sigh,
Contrite, unveiled we learn to die,
As passions glimpse our souls goodbye.

David Hollywood

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I am happily living in Bahrain since August 2009 and look forward to being here for a number of years to follow., My background is as a Trade Consultant and Advisor to Government Departments interested in creating incentive programmes for commercial development, and also as a Marketing Mentor for industries looking to promote their portfolio internationally., I am involved in amateur dramatics, and appeared on tours throughout Ireland in a selection of dramas and comedy performances., Since arriving in Bahrain I joined the Bahrain Writers Society, and the Bahrain Writers Circle, and additionally the creative arts group Elham, as well as involved in dramatic productions for the Manama Theatre Company., I hope to establish a community drama society where we can develop themes which have an emphasis upon the traditions of The Gulf and consequently have high levels of Bahraini input and participation, My writings are mostly inspired by the extremes of finality, uncertainty, occasional unhappiness, emotional and physical pain and the joy that then comes from release., Additionally, I have attempted to face the directness of love and the feelings which may drown or embarrass our relationship with the everyday world.

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