Tanni Bose

Deserted maiden laments on the meadow,
When inquired, I say “she is sorrow”.
Abandoned all alone, no hopes to receive a friend,
Passer-by glance at her and she mourns in pain.

Sorrow and happiness on a fine morn,
Sat by the lake and debated- they say.
Of greatness, power and friends as a goal
each caste opinion on their personal role.

Happiness had boundless to speak,
Of goodness, health, wealth, fame and friends indeed
Sorrow had no reasons of happiness
Since it was never heartily accepted

Happiness had ever royal things to claim,
Sorrow looked pale and envied its opponent
At the finale the expected happened
Happiness won with a landslide bargain

Then did sorrow lament on her existence
Why am I alive with no one as my friend?
I am a loner with no company
Seeking for a mate but deprived of acquaintance

Sorrow then reveals a secret to its opponent,
leaves a mark on the debated statement.
“I am the winner and you lose the game’’,
Says sorrow with sharpness certain.

Although I am unwanted, people try to abstain
I am the one who masters the game.
“You are good and filled with gifts
But seldom do people get the largesse”.

They want to abide by your side
But land up with my company beside
So, I am the winner and ever will be
Since they say, “I am the world and the world is me”.

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Mrs. Tanni Bose works as an educator in Aravali International School, Faridabad now. She was an English Teacher at Tendruk Higher Secondary School of the Royal Government of Bhutan hails from Kolkata, West Bengal. She was born and brought up in the steel city of Rourkela, since her father was a SAIL employee there., Writing was always a passion for Mrs. Tanni. However, 2008 became a defining year in her life since she could publish a few of her works in the school magazine and made a self-discovery that she was indeed in romance with literature. It formally bloomed in 2012 when her first anthology “Dawn and Dusk” was published. Her readers, including critics confessed that a new breeze in poetry writing is here to blow to soothe and to ruffle too, of course. Her passion for reading and writing assured her a berth in the Writers Association of Bhutan and the Edu Talk where she thinks aloud to make the readers ponder, delight and at times wrinkle their brows. Her writing in facebook and her blog “A Grain of Faith” are being followed by many. Her articles in “Student Digest and Norzam Speaks” both publications in Bhutan are well taken by readers at large. She also contributes regularly in the international journal by “TajMahal Review”, She has represented Bhutan as an official delegate in the SAARC Literary festivals in Thimphu, Bhutan in 2013. She was a delegate in the FOSWAL Literary Festivals at Agra and Jaipur in 2015 and in Delhi in 2016 February as well., “Floating Stones” is her second work of poems, ringing the inescapable paradox of existential pulls and pushes. The poetess here is swayed by multiple senses and sensibilities, reflected in these poems., Her third Book “The Molested Clay” is also ready for printing., Writing apart, Mrs. Bose loves reading, music and her students. Love given reciprocates. After all – books support her; music heals her aches and her students adore her. Life then becomes poetry to her.

Last updated September 13, 2016