Engaged With A Tree

imps dance beneath your mighty arms
arms of undulating entanglements
fairies delight in your shadows of mirth
shadows that cast eerie faces upon the earth
I revel in the twisting designs you have created
awed by such devious and enchanting designs
you never repeat a single line
every line is unique to the others
where did you ever find the inspiration for such
the hours you have poured in each and every cell
the structure and the strength it took to remake each part
no one can ever pay enough homage to your genius

you stretch to honor the sun
the sun is your God
without whom you cease to exist
he has provided you with every necessary ingredient to exist
you drink in all the water you need
your roots fight through the soil and rock
the power you must have
you work each moment to grow and never rest
you must be driven by some desire to live
there must be some demon inside your being
some demonic force that drives you on
you stand against every natural force that comes
the wind tries to destroy you, yet you hold tight
with all your might

I have seen some of your kind that disappear in to the sky
so tall that my eye can no longer find your ending
so immense, so intense
so impossible to perceive in a single moment
I must walk away and come back to appreciate your splendor

I applaud your convictions
I worship at your feet
you are a wondrous sight to behold

I weep at the sight on your demise
I cannot stand to see you suffer even a limb
I wonder if you cry as I do when a leave falls to it's death
you must have so much pride when every bud emerges in the spring
a brand new child comes forth, full of life and vigor

your arms give shelter to so many
I hope you do not mind the squatters who nestle in your bosom
they require so little
just a place to live and build a home
you are a generous being

so many artists have tried to capture your grandeur
and so many will still continue
you present a challenge to us all
to tell your story
to absorb your essence, to be in your presence
we bow to you

enraptured again and again at every turn
of every twist of every finger you create
you are an artist, a sculptor
you create with cellular matter
you must posses an extremely sensitive touch
like a fine watch maker
and the patience you must have

how do we begin to praise your work
how indeed do we even try
we are humbled by your endeavors
you are the king of life

David Michael Schmidt

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David Michael Schmidt, 995 Ransford Ct, Pacific Grove CA 93950, (831) 261-3197, david93950@gmail.com, David was born in Winnetka, Ill in 1942. He has been a retail entrepreneur since 1967. He began to write poetry in 2009, writing only rhymes and self published a collection of 50 poems along with some illustrations that he drew. He now. also writes free verse and short stories. His poems are sometimes cynical and humorous and can be controversial. He has written opinions and observations on subjects of religion, politics and life in general. He does write about nature but does not write love poems. He is very creative and likes to keep changing and evolving. He enjoys writing poems that make people think.

Last updated September 20, 2011