Whisper In The Wind

the wind carries a voice in waves of sound
bouncing off all it touches
it flows through the trees and over the blades of grass
it tickles the flower petals and shakes the bee
it shimmers the leaves and turns the dew drops into a dance

there are words from the voice
words of volume and words of song
words to inspire and words to harm
sounds that will sooth and console and heal
sounds that can hurt and scare and devastate
waves of sound that enter the ear and tingle the brain

yet gentle waves from a tiny voice so soft and pure
small ripples that lightly wash on shore
barely disturbing the sand
this is the voice we long to hear, the voice that calms the soul
this is the angelic music that makes us whole
the whisper in the wind
the sounds that we hum and ones we remember and repeat
listen for these sounds
request these sounds
cherish these sounds

David Michael Schmidt

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David Michael Schmidt, 995 Ransford Ct, Pacific Grove CA 93950, (831) 261-3197, david93950@gmail.com, David was born in Winnetka, Ill in 1942. He has been a retail entrepreneur since 1967. He began to write poetry in 2009, writing only rhymes and self published a collection of 50 poems along with some illustrations that he drew. He now. also writes free verse and short stories. His poems are sometimes cynical and humorous and can be controversial. He has written opinions and observations on subjects of religion, politics and life in general. He does write about nature but does not write love poems. He is very creative and likes to keep changing and evolving. He enjoys writing poems that make people think.

Last updated September 20, 2011