our mind loves to wonder, like a leaf in the wind
floating from one thought to another
controlled by the whim of a gust
the difference between hot and cold
thoughts leads to another like a game of tag
ideas love to explore all the aisles of our library
looking for a title that brings a smile or a surprise
or both
what creates an inspiration ?
it's magic
one thoughts taps another, “you're it”
like a dance with your eyes closed
swaying with the rhythm and feeling the sound
then opening your eyes for a second
only to resume the dance anew
it's hard to force a thought
climb to the top of a hill overlooking a field of random words
that are flowing with the breeze
and try to connect any of it
the words don't even look up at you
it's an acre of blooming poppies in beautiful hues
like a brilliant rainbow
run through them with your arms open
grasp them, smell them
take them home and arrange a bouquet
then stand back to admire it
play with it
try to make it better
be creative, be open
try not to frame it
let it run
like a new puppy that thinks anything is a toy
and has to touch everything
and sniff it and chew it
use all the senses

David Michael Schmidt

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David Michael Schmidt, 995 Ransford Ct, Pacific Grove CA 93950, (831) 261-3197,, David was born in Winnetka, Ill in 1942. He has been a retail entrepreneur since 1967. He began to write poetry in 2009, writing only rhymes and self published a collection of 50 poems along with some illustrations that he drew. He now. also writes free verse and short stories. His poems are sometimes cynical and humorous and can be controversial. He has written opinions and observations on subjects of religion, politics and life in general. He does write about nature but does not write love poems. He is very creative and likes to keep changing and evolving. He enjoys writing poems that make people think.

Last updated September 20, 2011