The empty room

This is between God and me
¡Come on!
Give me a sign
Just a crackle
Move bushes
Break the china
I know you’re there:
Are you there?
Is your breast a nest
where all the birds we’ve envied were born
A basket perhaps
filled with the bread we cry for.
I'll throw my questions through the air
And pull
until I bring you back.
But you're too old for these games
This world is younger:
it stumbles.
What have I done?
Pushing you into this loneliness
Now it is too late to say I’m sorry.

The Sopt Literary Magazine 4.2

Hazzel Yen's picture

She was born in Durango Mexico. She has published her literary works in numerous magazines and electronic journals and diverse poetry anthologies. She has published her first poetry book "Musicas rotas" in 2010. She has received an honorable mention in the first eco-poetry award in Tumbes Peru 2010., She is currently working in poem titled "Edades de la Luna".

Last updated July 05, 2016