I Died on the Train to Philadelphia

I hugged the mid-Atlantic coastEmbraced, by white December tideOver frosty tracks to Philly,In an empty train, I diedI saw my world in shades of greyEver darker; white to blackI died en route to PhiladelphiaWith Boston to my backMy final thought was the harbor townThe boats were frozen stillAnchored by the elements but,Moved by human willI couldn’t tell Heaven from HellBut from somewhere came a scream,“We’ve arrived in Philadelphia!”And woke me from my dream

David Lombardi

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I attended boarding school in New Hampshire. Next year I will be attending Harvard University in the class of 2017. Writing is a passion of mine that I take (relatively) seriously and I hope to expand my literary skills in the coming years. Follow me on twitter @LexicalGenius or visit my blog: lexicalgenius.blogspot.com

Last updated May 02, 2015