The Bride of Reason

by Donald Davie

Donald Davie

Pragmatical old Capulet, the head,
So long has ruled, or seemed to rule, the heart,
That Juliet muse, to County Paris wed,
Lets his good sense determine all her art.

Charmed with his manners towards alternatives,
The unacceptable Romeos she has kissed,
The heart with this judicious husband lives,
And, wed to Reason, seems a moralist

Some who have loved the lady are dismayed;
Some who have loved her first love, Romeo,
Think that impulsive gallant is betrayed,
Now Julie?'s voice is so demure and low.

Only her father thinks the wench is sly,
And sees in her docility her treason;
She loves the truth he thought she must deny,
Her lyric to the music of his reason.

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