by Dorina Brândusa Landén

On the snowy field furrowed by blizzard
with pale drifts you come
sliding on a sleigh of sentiments
from mountains grounded up by frost
towards the lake where the moon washes its metal
a white path flawless carved
hither now and then
let's have a wander: to stay for a moment
up on the hill in the silvery forest
above the smog
from city of glass and stone
which I left
without ever going back.

* *

Let's walk around our Europe
and on everyone that swell up in autoportraits
filling up to the mouth of the abyss
with sterile speeches
pygmies born from stone
raising the same walls in different houses
jobbing plastic models
among burned boundaries -
the traditional art
in which all parts are broken
a noble sport
of the transfiguration of the countries
ay of how much we need – I myself
stumbling towards tomorrow.

Let's go. Go to ...
Who keeps nudging my back
and who incites the demented?
Those irenic and careless
are dancing into worship
of history and of deed.

Let's break into the rights
of the grassroots
especially into the obligations that turn him into
a colourful puppet
learning to laugh to cry to give birth
to die.

Let’s feast from ourselves
to carry our petty wars
against a symmetrical world.

Dorina Brândusa Landén

Dorina Brândusa Landén's picture

Dorina Brândusa Landén was born in the Transylvanian city of Deva, Romania in 1958. Presently she is resident in Sweden. She has received the following awards: Romulus Guga’s Prose Competition, second prize, 1983, Lucian Blaga’s The National Poetry Festival Award, 1984, Ion D. Sîrbu Foundations Prize for Poetry in 2012 for the book Judecata apei (The Judgement of Water), poetry book in Romanian, DaniMar Publishing House, Romania. Poetry, prose and translations of Swedish poetry into Romanian have been published in a wide array of the Romanian literary magazines including: Romania literara (Romania literary), Luceafarul (The Star), Cronica (The Chronicle), Vatra (The Hearth), Orizont (Horizon), Tribuna (Tribune), Transilvania (Transylvania), SLAST, Vatra Veche (The Old Hearth) Euphorion, Ardealul literar (Transylvania literary) and Pro saeculum. In 1986 she had a reportage featured in in the collective volume: Journey from the springs (Calatorie spre izvoare), Eminescu Publishing House, Romania. Books: Vanzatorul de imagini (The Image Vendor), poetry book in Romanian, Calauza v.b. Publishing House, Romania (2010). Followed by La nord de sufletele voastre (North of your Souls), a poetry book in Romanian, Calauza v.b. Publishing House, Romania. (2011). Judecata apei (The Judgement of Water), poetry book in Romanian, DaniMar Publishing House, Romania. (2012). North of your Souls e-book, Ardiganbooks, UK (2012).

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