There is little dream,
lost in tides of my thoughts.
And when i talk,
it hides behind the words.
On a paper it is fully awake,
written in a wildest shape,
of a flower, a tree, a boat , a wave
Or a piece of signature,
for a less artistic creature.
When i walk, it slips out of my feet,
to play in the dust ,
with the naked slim kids.
It chats with me for long,
with my over sized yawn.
Till i am poised to sleep,
even it come in my dream.
And when i wake up in morning,
it glows like bright sun shining.
When i have my breakfast,
it melts like sugar in my coffee.
But can i put it away,
like my breakfast tray.
Seed of my dream is buried,
deep down under the earth.
Waiting for the heavenly rain,
to flourish in to beautiful plant.
© dr vivek kumar. All rights reserved

Dr Vivek Kumar

I am a eye surgeon from India. I try to see this world through my closed eyes. Writing is my release.. the way to make sense of my thoughts.

Last updated October 28, 2013