Flying Wishes

If life is just a mile
Forever if I can dial
Then I will for an endless one
Grief pain woe are none

Upon an untold dream
Heaven's gate opened with beam
Its sweet light could wake from sleep
Dark-dead eyes in deep weep

If life is a sea of snow
Swiftly if I could go
Then I will in days at green
In days at grey my name would have been

Upon an untold dream
Life stood still like frozen stream
Cold for the old and hard for the child
Speed in streets where they ran wild

If life is a tree of leaves
Fields of seeds would be my grieves
Yards of hands are breaths of hope
To sow sweet seeds for my endless rope

Upon an untold dream
Life is but full of wishes
To say all is to sail for all sea fishes
Enough spoons of grains than dreams in bellies

Osman cisse Hanif

Osman cisse Hanif's picture

Hanif is a humble and gentle boy who always focuses his mind to comprehend the nature of elements around him wherever he goes. He just wants to explore to know how natural nature is., He had spoken early enough at an unexpected phase while he was still crawling but walked later in life., It had been reported he spoke clearly even for the first time he was heard, his ability to speak as a child was heard clearly compared to other toddlers. A child who spoke clearly enough even before he toddled. This was no reason than that which reflected his attitude of loquaciousness. He has being having enough of this, and for this reason he always decided more often to express his thoughts and views about the world around him in written words.

Last updated December 13, 2013