A Year for a Stele

by Dumitru Velea

For three months, he had slept at the bottom of the water
fed on fish and molluscs
then, the waves lifted him to the Surface
and the wind swallowed him.

For three months, he had slept above the Clouds
fed on tongues of vultures
then, the clouds melted
and the sun sipped them.

For three months, he had slept in the heart of the sun,
fed on burning coal,
then, the sun burst open
and dropped him on the Earth -

a young man had been joined to a stele
of black diorite
with cuneiform signs
to heal all wounds

For three months, this young man
would melt stone and brass,
then, the voice of the hopeless
slag of brass spoke.

Translated by Mariana Zavati Gardner

Dumitru Velea

Dumitru Velea's picture

Velea Dumitru was born in 1948. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology Craiova, 1973. UNITER and is a member of the Writers' Union of Romania (Drama Department).

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