The Angel with the Book of Stone

by Dumitru Velea

There is an angel in heaven punished
to write on the leaves of the book of stone
when you fall asleep and you Dream of an angel,
writing and pointing to you through the curtain;
he is digging deeper with the chisel of fire,
when tired, he falls asleep and he falls over the Word -

you wake up with a fragment of letters in your arms
and you try to decipher, with me in hand,
a letter escaped from the line
that the angel punished for us had started
for ever to escape from the book of stone,
left by our Lord
only in heaven.

Translated by Mariana Zavati Gardner

Dumitru Velea

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Velea Dumitru was born in 1948. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology Craiova, 1973. UNITER and is a member of the Writers' Union of Romania (Drama Department).

Last updated January 15, 2014