On The Hill

by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

Elizabeth Madox Roberts

Mother said that we could go
Up on the hill where the strawberries grow.
And while I was there I looked all down,
Over the trees and over the town.
I saw the field where the big boys play,
And the roads that come from every way,
The courthouse place where the wagons stop,
And the bridge and the scales and the blacksmith shop.
The church steeple looked very tall and thin,
And I found the house that we live in.
I saw it under the poplar tree,
And I bent my head and tried to see
Our house when the rain is over it,
And how it looks when the lamps are lit.
I saw the swing from up on the hill,
The ropes were hanging very still.
And over and over I tried to see
Some of us walking under the tree,
And the children playing everywhere,
And how it looks when I am there.
But Dickie said, "Come on, let's race";
And Will had found the strawberry place.

Last updated January 14, 2019