I think I was enchanted

by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


I think I was enchanted
When first a sombre Girl-
I read that Foreign Lady-
The Dark-felt beautiful-

And whether it was noon at night-
Or only Heaven-at Noon-
For very Lunacy of Light
I had not power to tell-

The Bees-became as Butterflies-
The Butterflies-as Swans-
Approached-and spurned the narrow Grass-
And just the meanest Tunes

That Nature murmured to herself
To keep herself in Cheer-
I took for Giants-practising
Titanic Opera-

The Days-to Mighty Metres stept-
The Homeliest-adorned
As if unto a Jubilee
'Twere suddenly confirmed-

I could not have defined the change-
Conversion of the Mind
Like Sanctifying in the Soul-
Is witnessed-not explained-

'Twas a Divine Insanity-
The Danger to be Sane
Should I again experience-
'Tis Antidote to turn-

To Tomes of solid Witchcraft-
Magicians be asleep-
But Magic-hath an Element
Like Deity-to keep-

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