It always felt to me - a wrong

by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


It always felt to me - a wrong
To that Old Moses - done -
To let him see - the Canaan -
Without the entering -

And tho' in soberer moments -
No Moses there can be
I'm satisfied - the Romance
In point of injury -

Surpasses sharper stated -
Of Stephen - or of Paul -
For these - were only put to death -
While God's adroiter will

On Moses - seemed to fasten
With tantalizing Play
As Boy - should deal with lesser Boy -
To prove ability.

The fault - was doubtless Israel's -
Myself - had banned the Tribes -
And ushered Grand Old Moses
In Pentateuchal Robes

Upon the Broad Possession
'Twas little - But titled Him - to see -
Old Man on Nebo! Late as this -
My justice bleeds - for Thee!

Last updated June 21, 2015