Afoot In The Snow

Pale moon shadows fall upon the lone rusted lantern and pole
In the snow where do these sole footprints go?
Looking lonely in the lantern’s yellow glow
Who lit this light in such a night?

I follow them, syncopated in time
Now they seem to pace steadier, faster, with no reason or rhyme
The whiteness is cold, and at the same time charming
Its existence is beautiful, quiet and disarming

The footprints move by the old wooden fence
My sense of aloneness brings me a warmth and pleasance
The footprints head towards old Carter’s well
So I march on for this mystery to quell

Snow under my feet crunches and chimes
Bricks and roof have toppled with time
I wonder to myself of a time distant past
When this well was alive and down the bucket was cast

The footprints stop here, at the well and trees
They do not continue on as far as I can see
Searching for more ‘round winter’s trees branches bare
That hide springtime’s hidden flora, fauna and flair

And now I wonder how I was led
Down this path in this peaceful stead
There is nobody to be seen, anywhere, no voice
I have no choice
To move along, to go, afoot in the snow

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I enjoy writing from all of my life's experiences, whether it be spritual, romance and other experiences. My favorite poet is Robert Frost. I have a blog site that I post some of my poetry on, You can also check out my facebook page and look in my notes section!

Last updated May 27, 2013