Rhapsody In Pine

Rustic curtains bestir back and forth
Panting wind blusters through the open cobwebbed casement
I breathe deep the air sweet

Sylvan pine trees idyllic stir but do not budge
Cool gales bristle through the pines harmoniously in symphony and rhapsody
Composing resonance through its forested ceiling

Rain, soft, falling from above
Makes its journey from pillowed thunderheads above
Trickling off the roof, puddles in soliloquy convey natures speak

Overhead nature clashes distant in the atmosphere
God Almighty’s footsteps reverberate
Thundering behind majestic granite peaks
From far away awakens me slightly

Traversing between drowsy velveteen thoughts
Reality peeks in and goes, eyelids open slight then close
Heed the fire crackling feigning its last breath
Puffing and heaving its last hint of heat

Shall I rise to stoke these dying flames beckoning?
To feed its hunger for my warmth
Bemoaning to stir myself, yet though, I shall let it slumber, like me

Eric Dean Von Rohr's picture

I enjoy writing from all of my life's experiences, whether it be spritual, romance and other experiences. My favorite poet is Robert Frost. I have a blog site that I post some of my poetry on, mylifeslens.blogspot.com. You can also check out my facebook page and look in my notes section!

Last updated May 25, 2013