Give me a cloak, a bow and a horse
To guide me through these lands;
Give me a star, a hope and of course,
A sword to hold in hand!
Whisper my name, O rushing wind,
And tell me where I should go.
Lead me out of this clattering din,
And take me to the tranquil of the woods.
Let me hear the first birds sing
In the rising dawn.
Let me drink the sweet dewdrops
In that pure new morn.
Let me feel the tender grass
Wet beneath my bare feet;
Let me listen to the secrets
The trees say when we meet.
Let me play a cheery tune
And sing a song forgotten;
Let me dance in the light of the moon,
Then travel to lands untrodden.
Now let me ride over vast wide plains,
With my steed so sure and swift -
Let me ride! In sun or rain;
Let me feel my spirits lift.
Let me feel the wind through me,
Let me draw comfort.
Let me laugh as I once did, wild and free,
Clinging onto nothing for support.
The sweet rain falls, hail, my sister!
Wash away the memories of yesterday,
Fall on my parched face, and whisper:
Look only to today.

O gentle wind, what did you say?
Your voice is silent, yet pitying,
And I see now that it is day -
And all was just a dream.
Now I stand beneath the forests' eaves,
And listen to them beckoning to me;
Those dewdrops and those birds and leaves;
But I will let them be.
I look over the untamed plains,
And feel a sting in my heart.
I'll not ride them yet, in shine or rain,
For my destiny dwells apart.
And laughter is but a memory...
And songs are ne'er sung.
Tears are all that tarry,
And today has never begun.
For duty calls me back,
Whenever I step to happiness,
I'm trying to show them what they lack,
And I'll fall when all is done, from weariness.
I will visit the forests and its dark green trees -
I'll ride the open lees.
I will dance by fires and I'll be
Where all would have been lost if it weren't for me.

Flowers at the Shwe Dagon

Mandy Moe Pwint Tu's picture

Born in Yangon, Myanmar, Mandy started writing in earnest in 2007, after being inspired by JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". Since then she has written two volumes of poetry and is working on the third, and one of her poems, "Love is Silent" will be published in World Poetry Movement's book "Best Poets and Poems of 2012", which is due to be out in early June. Mandy's poems explore various themes, from love to nature to philosophy to personal experiences. She now lives in Perth, Australia.

Last updated April 21, 2013