The Most Confusing Time

by Erin Cowart


The most confusing time
You know the one
When from your porch
the moon shines bright in a still blue sky
the crickets and toads begin their nightly symphony a little too soon
And you fear that the earth has been so taken by the beauty of the day
that she has forgotten her rotation

Remember traveler, it is acceptable to pause
from time to time on this journey
and admire the world around you
and your place in it


What song are you singing at my window this morning
and so early
From my waking sleep
I recognize the universe calling to me
The time for rest is done

"I am not ready !" I say
"Can't I sleep and dream a little while longer?"
"The air is so cold."
"Can't I wait for the spring?"

The singing again
and louder...
This journey has no time or season


The sky has been furious for days now
with whipping winds
torrential tears
and swelling rivers
intent on impeding my path

But I am in open rebellion
splashing in puddles
and dancing in the rain

No matter the weather
you have to dance


This is not a race toward death
Move slowly or you will miss the point
Whenever possible sit in a field of flowers by the side of the road
Any road will do
Dip your toes in the ocean
Laugh at yourself and your To Do lists
Be still
Beware the calls of fellow travelers
and the roads they would lead you down
these are not your roads
Be still, oh ambitious heart, be still
Your journey will unfold in time


Fire! Fire! There is a fire!
Wait, it is just a love blazing in my soul
And again the call from somewhere outside myself
Be still
This burning and consuming will be done soon
And then from the ashes
We will see love as it should be
A glass sea
Quiet, calm and sure
Whose depths are endless
Whose mysteries are terrifyingly beautiful
And whose necessity is undoubtable


Sadness and sadness
and then some grief and more sadness
And then the feeling that this journey has been going on for far too long

Do not stop here

Even when holding on to grief feels like love
and letting go feels like a betrayal of someone dear

Do not stop here

Find the place in your heart that is broken
Fill it with memories
Fill it with laughter
Fill it with the grace of a new day
And then begin again


And again and again and again and again
Begin as may times and in as may ways
as there are sunrises and sunsets

Everyday choose

Choose to gaze down unknown trails
with equal measure of excitement and fear
Choose to allow your wandering heart to travel the unknown roads
leading to your secret hopes and dreams
Choose to open your seeking soul
to unchartered worlds and ideas

Choose to live

Life is in the living

So why, fellow traveler, have you not begun?

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I am a new poet and consider myself an ordinary person who sees the world in extraordinary ways. My poetry strives to make sense of the senseless and cruel in the world and point out some of the failings of society. I love to write about social, political and environmental issues and try to shine a light on the dark places that most people try to ignore.

Last updated November 21, 2021