by Ernest Hilbert

Fuzz-head & coconut-gun stumbled on the hard wet sand
Humid boardwalk haze and grey choke-mist reruns in Little Odessa

Brighton Beach
Smokestacks gushing ink and soot like Krakow in a black-and-white war film,
And blank-windowed tenements
Leaning over the El like giant Easter Island heads
We huddled in the bathroom stall
Over a box of badly-cut cocaine
You passed out in the rusted
Polka-dot rocket ship behind the bumper cars
While the barmaid pleaded with the police
To give her daughter back again

And the debarred and disbarred lawyer from Kansas shat himself
Next to the dog pens outside the VFW bar where we watched
The bartender drag the old stripper out by her ankle
Screaming about decency and her college degree and
No one even looked up

Last updated March 15, 2023