Uhland's White Stag

by Eugene Field

Eugene Field

Into the woods three huntsmen came,
Seeking the white stag for their game.
They laid them under a green fir-tree
And slept, and dreamed strange things to see.
I dreamt I was beating the leafy brush,
When out popped the noble stag--hush, hush!
As ahead of the clamorous pack he sprang,
I pelted him hard in the hide--piff, bang!
And as that stag lay dead I blew
On my horn a lusty tir-ril-la-loo!
So speak the three as there they lay
When lo! the white stag sped that way,
Frisked his heels at those huntsmen three,
Then leagues o'er hill and dale was he--
Hush, hush! Piff, bang! Tir-ril-la-loo!

Last updated January 14, 2019