...coca cola, my delight

…Coca-Cola drinks, my delight
What a blissful day coming to this world
It was a memorable day attended by dignitaries
The atmosphere filled with joy, the sun graced the daylight
And the moon tactically took over the night
Beautifully dress with the best of wool
Gorgeously on the high table fluting her wealth
With gales of laughter at the party
The ceremony was like heaven on earth
So slivery bright with rainbow scanting happily
And thunder; the vocalist, displaying his talent in a love mood
The wind was not left behind, he dramatically stole the event
With some dance steps that made the entire guest in an amaze
Truly the event was lovely to ever longs in world’s mind
Whoopee! The ceremonies of Pepsi was out of this world
The fishes fell deeply asleep without breathing
A nightmare beyond mind’s eye of the moon’s sight
Great! The day was truly memorable in the world’s mind
Even the stomachs have to flee for her dear life

Oh! What a blissful day coming to this world
Through grapevine she is carefully selected with the finest cola
And diligently made to bring out the best taste of cola
Joyfully delighting the thirst from all over the world
A taste, is a freedom yoke with happiness
Filling the heart of those who take you with happiness
And not quenching the thirst dolefully

Wow! The satisfactory derived from you is great!
Even the esophagus testifies that your coca taste is great
Embed with gaseous burbles to spring out greatness from within
Her mates grasp at straws for her unique works
And her satisfactions are anyone’s guess.
Coca cola is the best drink to quench your thirst from within
Gallantly passing the esophagus with a smile
And quenching his thirst with great victory
Which will never grinds to a halt
Cruising down in order to entertain the stomach
With the enzymes striding in on the ground floor of her happily
And the mouth testifying satisfaction through the belch of victory
Whoopee! Drink her to sweeten your mind’s eye

…Coca cola, open happiness!


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Last updated June 25, 2011