Leo The Late Bloomer (August 6th)

I told myself, that it's beyond this day
Send my mom the happy birthdays 
For my mental place
Can't help but appreciate
The ones that stayed through all the bullshit I had gave
Maybe it's cause I'm a Leo, 
Can't be tamed
Ink seeming through my veins
Wisdom closer to the range....
of a plot
Drive a lot, 
no this stick shift
Couldn't stall my daily log
When I told the world my mind runs a minute
But I walked this path
Only so the ones in the beginning could bare witness
Jehovah scriptures became encoded in my vision
Still wondering the view Stevie's glasses gives in....
dark days during a cerebral spark
that help me link the thoughts
Of poetic minds never too far apart 
from what I mention
See my pen became the frosting
Ink the wax
So yearly songs sung resembled plaques
Of my evolution
Every candle a resolution
To my vision of the progress through
my years if those words were confusing.
Overusing what I overdosed
Through growth
Poetic words brought out my soul
So when you see the words I form
know that I never will conform
Individually, was why I was heaven born
Yet I'm on
the concept of a wondering mind
that can defined
Of speaking beyond the blinds of my eyes
But what I've seen through the 20 years
Of my life
****Happy Birthday to me

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Stevens, (born Stevens Spencer Jacques Cadet in August 6th, 1992), is an American Author, Poet, recording artist and record producer from Long Island, New York. In 2011, at the age of 19, he worked out a deal with publishing company Xlibris to start the publication of his first poetry book titled 'Concept Of A Wondering Mind'., 1992-2011: Early life and career beginnings, Stevens was born in Long Island, New York, on August 6th, 1992. He is the only boy out of five siblings., Stevens started writing poetry at the age of nine, when his cousin showed him the basics of imagery, expressing feelings and rhyme. Inspired mostly by rapper/poet Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou, Stevens developed an early passion for painting great scenery and making people feel connected to him through his words., Due to failures of the economy, Stevens started to see a different life, with his parents struggling to make ends meet. This also influenced his writing, adding a more humble yet passionate twist to his words., By age ten, he was making poems for all his friends at his Elementary School to give to their significant others on Valentine's Day., When he entered his Junior-Senior High School (Elmont Memorial), Stevens had some difficultly staying focused in his classes cause he would get acquire inspiration from almost any discussion that arose by his peers/teachers. He would often find himself writing in his notebook, on his desk, napkins and whatever else he could fit words on. Realizing this, his then English teacher, worked with him and made him submit his poetry to her as assignments. After a few weeks, Stevens' writing level and poetic ability got around most of the faculty, most were moved by the topics he had at such a young age (12 years old) . His English teacher started entering his work in the school paper poetry contest without his knowledge. His talents were quickly recognized as he won his very first contest for his poem called 'Lyfe'. He also competed in an Apollo night event in 2009 at Hofstra University where he won first place. He has participated in many open mics in New York City, Coral Springs, Florida, Brooklyn, NY and at his College., 2011: 'Concept Of A Wondering Mind', In 2011, Stevens worked out a deal with Xlibris publishing to begin the publication of his first book 'Concept Of A Wondering Mind'. The book is scheduled to be released mid-summer 2013., Songwriting/Recording:, Stevens has ghost written songs for bands near his neighborhood., "Concept Of A Wondering Mind", 'There are poems that are generally based on my experiences and subject matter on topics and there are other poems I have which are speaking for people I have encountered throughout my lifetime or someone suggesting me a topic and I run with it, letting them direct what points I hit and seeing how I combine it all. My favorite thing to do is engage in a deep conversation with someone then come back minutes later with a full page or two poem about everything we talked about. Haha. I've done that a lot.', Honors:, (2004) 7th Grade Elmont Memorial JH/SH Poetry Contest:, *** 1st Place 'Life' (Can be found in my Poetry Page), (2006) 9th Grade Elmont Herald Poetry Contest:, *** 1st Place 'Why' (Can be found in my Poetry Page), (2006) Hofstras 'Imani' Talent Show, *** 1st Place 'Passion Of My Heart' (Can be found in my Poetry Page), Follow Me On Twitter:, https: //twitter.com/ConceptNY, Tumblr:, http: //therealconcept.tumblr.com, Purchase Clothes in Support of my book: Concept Of A Wondering Mind, http: //theparadox.spreadshirt.com, Stevens Cadet's Works:, Currently working on his first publication titled "Concept Of A Wondering Mind"

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