Kentucky Moon

Fenton Johnson

Kentucky moon outshines my sweetheart's eye,
Lullabye, lullabye;
Kentucky moon, for you each night I sigh,
Lullabye, lullabye;
Upon my love you shed your silver stream,
When she is veiled in midnight's mystic dream;
You kiss her brow and give her peace and rest,
And ever wish our troth were amply blest;
Lullabye, lullabye.

Kentucky moon, for you the blue-grass grows,
Lullabye, lullabye;
Kentucky moon, for you Ohio flows,
Lullabye, lullabye;
The black man looks from out his cabin door
To where your wingéd rays forever soar,
And deep within his heart he prays that you
Might ever grace the dark and silent blue;
Lullabye, lullabye.

Last updated September 21, 2022