The woman who gave all she could

She loved him.
She gave him all she could
and all she had.
She wanted to protect him
because she knew he was
hurting. And was alone.
Even though his soul was
unable to say.
He cheated, she forgave.
He lied, she understood.
He cried... Well sometimes,
she was there to comfort.
She gave him all she could
but all he could was just
He took her self-image and
made her what he wanted.
He took her love and made
it a playground for his
He took everything, with
no aim or intention to
restore her empty life.
But still she gave all that
she could.
She watched him as he
went around acting like she
never existed.
She watched as he winked
at girls left and right.
Her heart bled. Her soul
failed. Her eyes were red
from pain.
She hoped and prayed that
he'd change and notice all
that she was giving.
But he didn't, not cause he
couldn't but because he
didn't want to.
And still that didn't change
how much this woman
would sacrifice for this man.
She gave all that she could
and still she would, until
the day she couldn't

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Born 2nd March 1996, raised by a single mother, my name represent my qualities, poetry is my life, i regard it a story so great it doesn't need complete sentences. Each and every poem i recite is a potrait of my life and who i realy am.

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