I Thank You, Mum

I love you, Mother.
You made me strong.
You taught me God's Prayer.
Not yielding to wrong.

You led me along a virtuous path.
Anytime I strayed from that line.
You held my hands tight and led me to His Hearth.
His Fire and Glimmering Flame was His True Sign.

Mum, your tearful shouts of God's Faith
imbued me with His Words.
Youth and reckless indifference made me lose the path.
Life's heartache-struggle expunged me from that evil horde.

Your death with the Lord in that timeless hour
drove me closer to Him so I can cherish His Savior.
Your passing will be a sorrow that strikes at my heart.
God is the Healer Who will bless us so we never part.

Thank you so much, Mum, for caring for me,
wrapping me up so warm in your maternal embrace.
In Light of God's Eternal Flame, your beauty I see.
Singing His Psalms as drift to slumber in silent sunset of solace

Happy New Year, in your special place with God. .

Raj Napal

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He was born in Port-Louis, Mauritius. His family emigrated to Britain in the late 60s. He practiced law in England for a number of years before moving to Ontario, Canada in the mid 90s. He loves writing poetry some of which he shares with his 2 teenage children and other people. He currently practices law in Ontario. He is really keen to use words in such a way in predominantly free verse form to create an emotional impact on his audience.

Last updated January 01, 2014