Farewell To The Plains

by Frank H. Maynard

Farewell, farewell, to the western plain!
I tightened my cinches and gathered my rein,
Then eagerly mounted my good mustang,
While full of joy was the song that I sang;
For my good steed's head was turned toward home,
O'er the desolate waste no more to roam.

Dear ones at home so anxiously wait,
For fear that the cruel decrees of fate
Might drift the wanderer farther away,
And his absence be forever and aye,
So hasten, good steed, swift bear me along,
While I merrily sing my homeward song.

With a lasso coiled to my saddle tied,
With my trusty weapons by my side,
Once o'er the plains I love to go,
Chasing the wild horse and buffalo.
But the romance all has faded away,
So hasten, good steed, no longer delay.

There's a bright-eyed girl I long to see,
I wonder if she is waiting for me,
Or will my one bright dream vanish away,
As the bubble bursts on the storm-tossed spray?
Now hasten, good steed, I will go and see,
Farewell to our home on the prairie free.

Last updated April 06, 2023