Secret Agent Talking Blues

by Fred Decker & Gary Johnson

I was working under cover for the CIA
When I met a fine young dancer in a nightclub far away
She was writhing like a cobra to a snake charmer’s flute
I was sweating cheap liquor through the fabric of my suit
She lead me down a hallway, someone hit me from the back
I saw a burst of stars and then everything went black

I woke up in a basement, shackled to a chair
With a bone crushing headache, and three guys who didn’t care
They wanted me to tell them everything I knew
About their secret plans for a military coup
Someone hidden in the shadows shot and killed all three
My fine young dancer had come to rescue me!

We ran out in the street as a bomb blew up a bus,
We had to warn the palace there were people not to trust
I grabbed a motorcycle whose rider wasn’t there
And we sped off through the rebels who were massing in the square
I thought that we would make it, the palace was in sight
But then a squad of hit men pulled up on our right

Someone threw a hand grenade, which wasn’t very smart
It bounced off my leg and blew the hit men’s car apart
I raced through the gates of the palace court yard,
Where we were arrested by the captain of the guard
He listened with suspicion to the tale we had to tell
Then we were taken to the dungeon and thrown into a cell

The courtyard gates were locked, preventing imminent defeat,
But the rebels had the numbers and the guards were in retreat
Meanwhile in the dungeon, a prisoner got a key
Opened up the cell block, and set us all free
With the looting and the shooting and the mayhem of it all
No one saw the tanks pull around the palace wall

They fired a warning shot over everybody’s head
That’s when the rebel army turned around and fled
I grabbed my fine young dancer, I knew this was our cue
We grabbed our motor cycle and sped off into the blue
No one ever thanked me, I don’t expect them to,
‘Cause I’m a secret agent, this is just what I do!

Fred Decker

Fred Decker and Gary Johnson have been creating poetry (as song lyrics for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin band Big Johnson and the Thrusters), since November 1996. Randy Green, who collaborates with Fred and Gary on occasion, lives outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

Last updated October 21, 2014