Alley of Justice

by Walter William Safar

While the voices of greed
sing in your ears, keep in mind that conscience lives
for as long as light comes from the soul
and the devil-this agitator of division and greed-
was in our lives,
In the middle of the circle,
-like a lamp holding heads-,
an unconquerable tyrant.

When the winds of greed sing in yours ears:
“Conscience does not bri-ing bread to your taa-ble!”
remember your new dignity,
because conscience is of such a sacred rank,
there are so few of those who drink from fountain
and even less of those who are crowned with dignity
proudly treading the alley of Justice;
When the voices of greed sing in your ears
about the inconquerable tyrant,
-and its accomplice was All the authority and all power
branded by the seal of ghosts-,
know that this poem sprung
from the ivy of the gardens of hell,
and its echo resounds down the walk of ghosts,
like bats in the haze.
Man it is time to decide:
Do you want to crawl down the walk of ghosts,
Or proudly tread the alley of justice.

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BIOGRAPHY, WALTER WILLIAM SAFAR. Kepler poet, fiction writer and playwright. He is the author of a number of a significant number of prose works and novels, including “ The Gamble And The Ghost”, “The Ultimate  Voyage”, “Queen Elizabeth2”,   “ The Devil’s Architect”, "Leaden fog", "Chastity on sale", "Above the clouds", "The scream", "The negotiator". Plays: “Brothers”, “Birdman”, as well as a book of poems, titled "Against All Streams”, “The Boy With Silver Tears”…

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