Maybe It’s Only the Monotony

by Gail Mazur

Gail Mazur

of these long scorching days
but today my daughter
is truly exasperating—
Stop it! I shout—or I’ll—
and I twist her little pinked arm
calibrating my ferocity—

You can’t hurt me you can’t hurt me!
She’s so defiant, glowering,
glaring at me—
but frightened,
her eyes bright with tears—
See, I’m not even crying!

I see. But it’s the angel
of extermination
I see, shining
in his black trappings,
and turning ecstatically
toward him, a little Jewish girl
tempts him
to play his game of massacre.

—after Vittorio Sereni

Zeppo's First Wife: New & Selected Poems

Last updated April 10, 2023